How Morty Crushed “Standard Provisions”

Another worthwhile read from Fred Wilson’s blog.  The posting itself is rehashed from 2007.  I recently went through a negotiation with a large corporate law firm representing the other side.  The corporate attorneys HATED when I asked them to explain certain provisions, or why the provision was needed.  They could not BELIEVE that I would not change my seller’s disclosure document to match their chosen format.  And they did not like that I often ignored their redlined documents.  But my point was not to anger or upset them, its just that the agreement did not HAVE to be their standard way.   It did HAVE to be in a way acceptable to all parties.  I think Fred Wilson’s blogpost about Morty nails what my personal mindset is when it comes to negotiations and contracts.


And as always, the follow up comments are awesome.  A great learning tool.


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