I was just reminded of a comment I made a few years ago.  I will keep the reason why I was reminded private.  The comment itself is the takeaway.  At the time it just rolled off my tongue but the reaction I received kept it in the back of my mind for years.

Me: “I need you to pull all their trades since Monday at 10am and back into their positions as of that time.”

Employee: “I don’t really want to go through all those positions and re-create their market risk as of two days ago.  Do I really have to go through all that?”

Me: After a meaningful pause so that those around us who had heard the interaction to this point would learn the lesson, “I am sure you do not want to.  That’s why its called, ‘work’.  If you got to do whatever you wanted to do when you are here, it would be called, “play”.  But its not.  Its called, ‘work’ for a reason.”

Too many people these days spend too much time at work doing personal things.  When its time to work, line up all the items you have to do.  Do them.  See if there is more that can be done.  Do those too if possible.  Then be done.  Give yourself a small pat on the back.  Leave.  Then come back and do it again tomorrow.


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