Stop. Wait To Be Called.

Went to the Mass Department of Motor Vehicles this morning to grab some forms.  I did not need any interaction with any personnel.  I had already searched online and knew what I needed.  Sadly the forms are not downloadable; I had to go to the DMV to pick them up.

Instead of the forms being freely available, the forms are all kept behind the counter.  I would have to interact with a DMV employee to get the forms.  There was a single person in line in front of me.  And three employees at the counter.  In front of each employee there was a large sign that stated, “STOP.  Wait To Be Called”.  I could go on about the indignity of two of the employees ignoring me and the guy in front of me while one of the three employees dealt with the single customer at the counter.  But I focused on the signs.

STOP.  Wait To Be Called.

Imagine if a private business had a sign like that as the first interaction with a client or prospective client?!?  Would you be willing to stand there in front of a few counter employees who studiously ignored you for a few minutes?  Who would not even acknowledge your existence?

When I got to the front, I asked for my forms, was handed them with no more than 5 words of interaction.  How is it that these employees get away with acting like the customers are a true bother?  Why can (or will) the government not hire better employees as both managers or as hourly workers?

I do not have an answer for my question today.  Its just tough to accept something that is done so poorly when I know it is my money that is the revenues that support the entity.



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