Roger Cohen’s NYT Article on European Morals effecting the Economy

Great read this morning from Roger Cohen on the differences in morals of two countries that are economically tied together.  It leads to the question…which came first?  Corrupt politicians in Greece or tax evasion by Greek citizens?

In a related thought, as I listened to an NPR article this morning about the federal spending sequester affecting the US Coast Guard, I thought about our national debt.  Another NYT columnist, Paul Krugman, and many fiscal liberals believe that our government has an almost unlimited supply of spendable cash because the US government can borrow money freely or print money if it chooses.   Technically they are correct, but we all pay the price later on because the first item to be paid each month is the interest on the federal debt.  As that continues to grow, the amount of available funds for the Coast Guard, or education, or arts, or infrastructure improvements, (etc.) decreases.  So its a question of what type of America you want your grandkids to inherit.  The fiscal ability to dictate how they spend their resources…..or the crushing burden of paying for a previous generation’s decisions.

Me?  I would choose freedom for me and freedom for my kids.


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