Tough Week For Obama

Don’t need to go into much detail here.  There are headlines and full stories in major media that give all the details one needs.  Suffice it to say that Obama had a tough week.

I want to be clear; though I do not agree with his agenda or politics, I want the President of the United States to be successful in what he does.  Especially with regards to international issues.  America being seen as weak is not good for the world, for the US, for me or my children, etc.  So I want Obama to be a successful leader.  And I know that some will say that partisan politics are at an all-time high which contributes to Obama’s lack of success….but dammit, he is POTUS.  Get a win up on the board.

1) Putin wins the battle for how to handle Syria

2) Summers is nominated, and then opts out because he knows he can not get through the Senate.

3) AFL-CIO leaders publicly split from Obama over ObamaCare costs to union supports

4) The Debt Ceiling debate begins anew.  Obama merely kicked the can down the road last time.  And there is no reason to think he will stand his ground and force a true resolution this time.

I do hope that this week gets better from Obama.  He is POTUS (President of The united States) & we are POTUS (People of The United States).  We are in this together.


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