Back At It

Almost four months have passed since my last post.  Lots of interesting news, and lots of personal views, but no postings.  I changed my personal habits and patterns and was lost in the shuffle.  A few more clients from Asia meant longer nights for me as I am based on the East Coast of the US.  And the later nights meant later wake ups in the AM. had been part of my morning routine; part of my personal “multi-media information upload” each morning.  TV on alternating between local news, BBC news, and financial news services…..going through my Twitter feed, NYT, and the blogs I follow…..and checking e-mail to help finalize my agenda for the day.

Continued growth of our company ( has allowed us to add staff to the overnight Support desk, and my colleague in th eBusiness Development team who is based in London (but travels to Asia often) is getting set up with a Singapore-based Regus office for his increasingly longer stays in the region.  I will spend less time working with prospects and clients in Asia.

So I will work to make a part of my morning routine again.  Probably start slow, with more short comments and links than full blown postings, but getting re-creating the habit of posting is the first step.  Here we go……….


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