What Do you Read?

As I went through my media intake this morning (reading online news, blogs, twitter while alternating between local, national and int’l news on TV) I thought less about what I was reading (except for China widening their Yuan trading band!), and more about the who and why of what I read.  So I decided to jot down this list in no particular order

New York Times – Still the dominating news source in my life.  Great content, great opinion pieces, easily navigable website

BBC via Twitter- A bit too much local UK news, but great international pieces

TechCrunch via Twitter

Forexmagnates.com – the news leader for the FX & CFD industry.

Leaprate.com – FX & CFD industry news

http://www.avc.com – Fred Wilson’s excellent daily blog.

http://www.bloomberg.com – Markets new

http://www.bothsid.es.com – Mark Suster updates a few times per week.  Often a motivating voice to me.

http://www.crossfitnewengland.com – I do not get to they gym as often as I would like, but good to know the programming that Ben bergeron is puttin gup to his elite athletes.

http://www.unofficialnetworks.com – Ski “porn”.  Updates on pending storms and videos of deep powder; my version of Valhalla.

I am open to suggestions and always looking for more, relevant or eye-opening information.  Please send along any suggestions.



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