Crude But Correct re: “Bathroom Bills”

From @KFCBarstool (

Trump may have some crazy ideas and he may have said some discriminatory shit before, but he’s spot on accurate when it comes to this drama about bathrooms and transgenders. I do not give a FUCK about where people go to the bathroom. Girls, guys, guys who became girls, girls who became guys. We’re talking about where people sit down and poop. Who cares who is in there? Everything is either behind closed doors or not visible anyway. I will pee next to a tranny right fucking now, no problem. If you’re scared or threatened by that you’re a pussy and you have some sort of weird sexual insecurities. And if youre like Curt Schilling and picture transgender people as some sort of gigantic animals, let me assure you that there are disgusting women going in womens rooms and horrendously creepy men going in mens rooms. There will be creepy transsexuals and normal transsexuals just like every other walk of life. Who gives a shitttt about where they pee.


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