How To End ISIS – JLM

I follow a blog from Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures.  One of his regular commentators is an interesting guy who goes by the handle of JLM and has his own interesting blog at  His comments about how to defeat ISIS are spot on.

From JLM

In the darkness is death. In the light is life.

It is the job of our leaders to patrol and defend the boundary between the darkness and the light. It is their primary duty.

ISIS is at the center of the darkness. Any organization which purports to exist as an organized entity has a leader. In this instance, the Caliph says they are a sovereign nation and hold territory to prove that premise to the world. They desire to administer their evil as a nation-state with revenue, taxes, and rules. This gives them substance and legitimacy.

The simple solution is to decapitate the leadership, deny them the organizing benefit of the ownership of land and the creation of revenue.

We know right where Abu Bakr al Baghdadi hangs his hat. Raqqa. We need to take Raqqa in a single violent act, destroy it in its entirety, hunt down and kill the Caliph, and make the world know that the light will no longer tolerate the existence of the darkness.

To those who say this is exactly what they want, I say — Don’t start a fight you cannot win which means we better be in it to win it. Turn the darkness into light with the flames of their demise.

Let ISIS recruit from a cemetery where their fighters are waiting, like cordwood, to be buried. Let every mother know that if her son chooses that path, the road leads to an early grave.

Disconnect them from the Internet.

Force the FEBA (forward edge of the battle area) into the Middle East and mark it with ISIS blood. The FEBA cannot be in Nice or Manhattan.

What will it take?

It will take leadership, national resolve, military action, and money. The quicker we do this, the lower the cost in blood and treasure.

This is not a clash of ideologies, though that is certainly one of the considerations. As a professional soldier, I never carried the Bible, never thought of myself as a Christian, never spent any time reading the Constitution. I did what I was told to do.

This is a clash between the minions of the darkness and the defenders of the light. They do not carry thought into battle, they carry people killing weapons.

The dipshits who execute this violence are not deep thinkers. They are hopeless misfits.

This is a confrontation between light and darkness. We need to set a fire in the middle of the darkness and turn it into light.

This week, Bashar Al Assad mocked Pres Obama’s resolve on defeating ISIS.…

That, unfortunately, is a true statement. It is the dark side of the mirror of leading from behind. We are the ones who have left the Middle East in chaos.

What are we likely to get? A speech from the President and nothing more because Al Assad is right — We currently do not possess the national resolve to bring the light into the darkness.



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