4:01 AM.  That is what time my eyes popped open today.  From dead asleep to wide awake.  After a week of half-assing it at work between Christmas and New Year’s, there is much to do.  Today and every day.

I like taking time off from work, but I truly enjoy the harried need to accomplish important objectives.  Visual Trading, Inc. has important deadlines approaching, its budget season for the Sherborn Advisory Committee, and I need to continue to improve myself as a father, husband, manager, and athlete.

My former executive coach, Mitch Harris (who needs an updated website to better showcase the awesome experience of working with him), never understood why people wait to start and do important things.  “Why wait until a specific point on the calendar?”, he would ask?  “If you have decided it is important, start now.”  According to Mitch the failure/dropout rate of people who wait to implement a fitness program “in the New Year” was 3 times greater that those who start any other time.  So though today is Jan 2 on the calendar, it is really just another opportunity to be better than I was yesterday.



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