Ari Gold on Elon Musk

Two of my favorite characters.  One is a fictional character, closely based on a small few of Hollywood’s elite agents (and played to perfection by Jeremy Pivens).  The other a brilliant entrepreneur and engineer rightly stepping into Steve job’s previous role as King of America’s Entrepreneurial Aspirations.

In the book written by the Ari Gold character, there is a great chapter named, “Your Most Important Product is Heat”.  An descriptive paragraph is below:

Heat is a kinetic, volatile, temporary bubble of energy that engulfs whatever it is you’re selling—be it a product, a client, even yourself—tipping the scales of attraction in your favor, allowing you to conjure outlandish, outrageous, inconceivable deals that would not be possible under more temperate weather conditions. Heat adds a layer of excitability to the demand side of the equation, triggering buyers to place a disproportionately high value on a product, giving you leverage to demand more . Why was Owen Wilson’s character in Zoolander the highest paid model in the world at the time? Because that Hansel… he’s so hot right now! Buzz. Momentum. Juice. It’s all the same. You’re catching lightning in a bottle and selling it before you hear the thunderclap. Remember, people may eat a steak for the taste, but they buy it for the sizzle. Heat makes people do crazy things. Four centuries ago, the whole country of Holland went completely batshit berserk for tulip bulbs. Yes, tulip bulbs. Tulipmania was the first time prices of a speculative asset, in this case—tulips—shot up through the stratosphere. Farms, homes, and families were lost, all because of a flower you send your girlfriend to apologize for sleeping with her sister. Heat is the ephemeral force that compels Midwestern morons to sink their life savings into Beanie Babies, that makes CPAs quit their jobs and spend six months building fallout shelters in their backyards before the Y2K apocalypse.

The best time to sell tickets to a volcano is just before it erupts.

I believe in Tesla, I believe in SpaceX, I saw the success of PayPal.  I believe Elon Musk is the real deal and an engineer with great aspirations and talent to match.  I also believe that Elon Musk knows how to generate Heat.  Half a million Model 3’s on order and production capabilities in doubt, losing increasing amounts of money each quarter yet can easily raise $1.5 Billion in debt?  That’s Heat.

Anyone selling anything is better served if they can create Heat.  Social media, personality, 10x performance, celebrity endorsements, an awesome give-away contest for clients…..whatever it is you need to do to create Heat, find a way to make it happen.


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