Quick Update to “Sleep” = The Best Two Words of the Day

Went back to the original blog posting by Maroun Najjar as I was closing my browser window.  Nothing special, just closing the window and thinking, Thanks for a good post, random person.  Then I saw it.  The thing in his post that hooked me in the first place.  Under the picture, the sub headline, “Sleep is the Force Multiplier.”

“Force Multiplier.”  US Green Beret’s were given that task when created by President John F Kennedy.  Derek Sivers uses that term liberally when engaged in speaking events like TED.  “Force Multiplier”.  Its what every entrepreneur with a vision needs to have, and to be able to do.  “Force Multiplier”

That term in Maroun’s post is what really hooked me.  And its a reminder of what one needs to have in the back of your mind each day if you want to operate at a higher level.  There are so many tools, communication methods, and ways to multiply one’s force.  Force Multipliers.  Make sure you are aware of what yours are and make sure you use them well.


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