Sleep. (Yeah….sleeping sleep) More Important Than You Think

I’m back.  Took a break.  Had a busy schedule and also lost a bit of motivation, but I am back.  The sun was up at 5:12 this morning and so was I.

I am starting to get more followers on Twitter.  I am not yet public with this blog and am not actively working to promote me, my thoughts or the projects I am working on.  But some interesting people are starting to follow me on Twitter.  Mukund Mohan (@mukundmohan) just found me and I took a look at his Twitter profile.  The most recent tweet had to do with Sleep and I followed the links.  A great posting on Sleep is found below.

View at

The post contains valuable information that is presented in an interesting and engaging manner (customer-centric, bullet points), and has a sales slant to it.  great inbound marketing.

I’m back.  Let’s go.


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