What is a “Like” Worth on Facebook?

I am not on Facebook and never have been so don’t go looking for me there.  The reasons why are too long to go into here; suffice it to say I find social media a great tool for certain things, but I have no need to keep up with those I do not want to know well.

So I have a disdain for the valuation that Facebook and other SocMed companies get.  I feel the assumptions about the ongoing and future value of the enterprises are vastly overstated as new means of networking are popping up each week.  Will Facebook be a significant enterprise in three years?  How do I know what alternatives may be going viral in college dorm settings this very second that could replace Facebook?  Anyone still on MySpace.com?

This 9 minute video by Veritasium is a great look into what is going on behind the scenes of the “likes” that pop up on Facebook.  Credit for finding the video goes to @hedgefundinvest



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