Netflix Agrees To Pay Comcast (Follow Up Article)

Yesterday new broke that NetFlix has agreed to pay Comcast to not slow down the streaming content that Netflix creates and/or streams as their revenue model.  Here is the NYT’s version of the story…

My first thought was how quickly this payment came into being.  The Comcast / Time Warner deal that I wrote about last week is not yet finalized, with possible lawsuits and reviews for years.  Yet Netflix, a large corporation with a vested interest in the Comcast deal and the legal resources to put up a fight, have already decided to pay up.  They may yet fight it, but Netflix certainly believes the the deal with go through.  And that deal is fairly reliant on the FCC’s repeal of the Net Neutrality rules.

So what Netflix’s actions tell me is that Net Neutrality really is dead, and Comcast/TimeWarner is going through.  Done and Done.



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