AZ Anti-Gay Bill – What if I have beliefs against Politicians?

From my understanding, the bill passed by Arizona’s two legislative bodies, but has yet to be signed by the Governor allows businesses to refuse to service to “gays and others” due to the religious beliefs of the business owners.

What if the business owners religious belief is “anti-politician”?  How would Andy Biggs, President of the Arizona State Senate, feel if he were refused service at his local coffee shop?  Or his local gas station?  How would Nancy Barto feel if her local golf club kicked her out because the ownership did not believe politicians are good for society?

And what if a business owner refuses to serve someone they believe to be gay but that person then proves themself not to be gay?  Now has the business owner violated some other Arizona law?

I have friends who live in Arizona and I love to visit Phoenix.  It is a vibrant city with so many exciting outdoor activities year round.  And after taking some of the worst hits during the financial/housing crisis, the city has been a real growth story for the last two years.  But between their gun laws, and potentially this law being passed….I would have to ask my friends to meet me elsewhere as I do not want to take my tourism dollars to Arizona.


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