Mark Suster & David Jaxon – More Must Reads

I have been reading Mark Suster’s column for about 9 months.  He has a great writing style, interesting topics, and a recently re-vamped (and totally badass) website.  I’ve now got Mark on my must-read list along with Fred Wilson’s, NYT,,, and a quick browse of Twitter each morning.

fred Wilson also recently recommended A Founder’s Notebook ( by David Jaxon, founder of Seeking Alpha.  Once again, and example of a great blog but a different style than Mark Suster.  David finds and reposts quotes and information from elsewhere with his own comments included.  Mark writes long and well structured posts that often link back to his previous posts (something I am working on).

Writing great blogs is an acquired skill.  Interesting subject matter, personal writing style, consistency of postings and quality of postings, etc.  I am almost ready to release to the outside world.  It remains a personal writing space known by very few and visited by even fewer.  But soon….ohh, but soon.


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