Sidenote – Nordica Hell and Back Skis

A wonderful thing happened last weekend.  I had a work trip to Steamboat Springs, CO.  A few clients were heading out there and I joined on for three days of spring skiing and offsite, casual discussions with clients and potential partner firms.  The work aspect was great but this post is about Nordica Hell and Back skis.

I do not travel with my own skis anymore.  Airlines charge too much and I always want to try new skis.  So I went to steamboat’s Ski Haus and ended up speaking with Ryan, a tech in their shop and gave him my background.  He convinced me to try the Nordica Hell and Back skis.  I never would have tried Nordica skis if he had not been insistent that these were the skis for me.

POW!  Best ride I have had in a long time.  Slightly rockered tips, full camber beneath foot, and little (if any?) rocker in the tails.  They were awesome.  Awesome on the super fast bluebird first day bombing down groomers (77.6mph per my Ski Tracks app), Awesome the second storm-ski day when we could not see 200 feet amidst inch-per-hour blizzard conditions and Steamboat’s legendary aspen groves were mid-shin-deep.

It’s a lesson that I try to use in my work life showing up in a ski shop in Steamboat.  Look to experts and people who have gone before you.  Listen to them and model their actions when you have the opportunity.  Thanks to Ryan and the guys at the Ski Haus for listening to me and pointing me in the right direction

You can bet I will be riding on Nordica Hell and Backs next season!


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