Self Coaching

From a blog post by Coach Cheryl at CrossFit New England:

Are you a good coach?

If there is one person we each have the pleasure of spending time with each and every day it is our own self. We wake up in the morning, look in the mirror and have already begun to “coach” ourselves through the day. What message are you sending to yourself? Are you giving yourself positive feedback, using good cues, and reinforcing good behavior? Do you find yourself focusing on all the negative things that are going on?


So here is my challenge to all of you. This is not going to come easy, as it is a skill just like any other that needs practice. Next time you get ready to attack a barbell, hit a W.O.D., or go for that muscle up; practice being a coach to yourself. Before you act, tell yourself what you would tell another athlete. Be the best coach to yourself that you can be. Over time, I promise it will make you a better athlete in the gym. More so, the more you practice it in the gym, the more it will change the way you approach experiences in life.

..3, 2, 1, Go!


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