Is there something about Elizabeth Warren that I appreciate?

Maybe.  we shall see.

Ms Warren is a recently elected Senator from Massachusetts and when campaigning a member of and warrior for the middle class.  that she advocates for the middle class is not in doubt, but her tax returns show her as far from middle class.  Nonetheless she won a special election here in Massachusetts just over a year ago and is now a Senator.

Like many Senators she has written a book and is on tour to promote it.  I could care less about the book; but as part of her tour she recently spoke to Gretchen Morganston of the New York Times.  A quote from Ms Warren caught my attention.  It seems like a great opening for real change in Washington DC (which is sorely needed).

Ms warren, speaking about being a part of the Senate Banking committee stated, “I keep reminding them that they don’t work for the companies they regulate, they work for the American people,” she said in the interview. “Every agency is set up so that the regulators hear over and over from the industry and their lawyers and lobbyists. That means the message is the same over and over — regulate less, do less, create an exception. In building the consumer agency, it was so powerfully important to me to try to set it up structurally so that the people in the agency would hear from real families, from customers of banks. That the wind would blow sometimes from the other direction.”

So how about bringing in everyday people to sit in front of Senate committees?  I want the Washington DC insiders to see and hear from real Americans, I am willing to bet that most Americans feel the same way.  But as it presently stands, Senate committees are generally populated by Washington DC insiders.  Rarely does a Senate committee hear from non-Federal employees.  I think it would help Americans start to take back control of federal politics if there were more regular Joe people with a chance to speak in from of Congress and the Senate.  And maybe, just maybe, we could effect real change in Washington DC.

It would be great to see Ms Warren follow through on her comments.  But even if she does not, the American people can.  It take s time and lots of change but remember, You Get What You Elect.



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