Can Key to FinTech be Cross-Margining?

Quick thought which I will be sure to more fully develop (which in turn can develop into a case study, then an obsession, business plan, etc…) with regards to Fintech.

Why so many accounts in so many places?  Bank, brokerage, retirement (401k, IRA), kid’s college funds, credit cards, home asset/loan, car asset/loan…..

Could I not have a single account showing me my “wealth” and from that account any payments, loans, fees, income can be debited or credited.  And any assets and liabilities updated with some version of truthful mark-to-market values.

It is really cross marginning my financial life.  An account like that would be the center of my financial self.  Big danger if the account were hacked.  But wouldn’t an account like that vastly simplify financial matters?


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