Friday 5

  1. Kaskade’s Redux Tour in 2013 and 2014 are some of the best electronic dance music live events I have ever heard.  Great for listening while doing work or while working out.
  2. I am strongly against the state governments using the shitty excuse of “religious liberties” as a justification of discrimination laws.  I think those States should feel the dollar-denominated repercussions of their actions.  But I do sympathize with this bookstore owner in Asheville, NC.  And I realize that if through economic actions we force like-minded social liberals out of religious states, then who is left to fight to keep those states liberal?
  3. As Big Banks lay off thousands of employees, the FinTech start ups that will succeed will find a way to make a culture where some (not all) seasoned financial service executives can fit in.  That is not easy to do.
  4. Two thoughts from the currency world.  First, there is a heavy bias towards long USD positions, especially vs the Euro and vs. the Japanese Yen.  You can give me all the justifications in the world about why this is technically or fundamentally a good long term position.  But markets work to force out weak hands.  so as we continue to see long USD positions build up, I look to be short and await the capitulation that I suspect is still pending.  USDJPY currently at 108.50; targeting a 105.xx level.  EURUSD at 1.1275; targeting a 1.15xx figure.  Second thought is fundamental.  Though the Japanese economy stinks, and interest rates are negative…..someone smarter than me pointed out that the deflation rate in Japan is worse than interest rates….therefore the relative interest rate in Japan still makes it better to keep JPY in the bank than lend it out.
  5. Finally,  re-reading Gary Keller’s “The One Thing“.   Good reminder to get done the one thing each day/week that, by accomplishing that one thing, will make everything else easier and/or unnecessary

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