Interesting show concept.  It was up on screen as I got down to some Sunday night work after the NE Patriots won their AFT Championship game versus Pittsburgh.

I have thought about it before; when the two prison inmates in upstate NY escaped and evaded for a few days.  Could I do it?  What would the first steps be?  Flee far, or stay close?  Into a city and mix with the homeless and unnamed?  Or head to the woods with a tent and sleeping bag?

Richard Marcinko, the legendary former commander of SEAL Team Six played a game with those in his charge.  On occasion he would drop two guys off in a random town in an Eastern European country (Slovenia, Czeck Republic, Montenegro, etc)….take all their possessions such as passports, money, credit cards, weapons…..and tell them to meet him at a certain pub in London 4 days from now.  What a rush it must have been to be off on an adventure such as that.

But could I do it?  Not for real life, but for a show?  Vanish for 28 days?  In the show it is two people, paired up.  I think going solo it would be achievable.  But pairs stand little chance.





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