Trading Regulation Change Happening Quickly & Quietly

I know to expect looser regulations in the world of finance under Trump.  Just look at his cabinet picks and advisors.  Its a murderer’s row of hedge fund guys and senior bankers  (Plus that nutjob Betsy DeVries).

I expected the changes to take a while to go into effect because I was thinking about equity markets and banks.  But banks and equities markets are easy fodder for the media; especially the mainstream media.  And Trump is making this move under the radar of the mainstream media because he is making changes to the CFTC.  (Note: I agree with a NYT piece that stated, “…Trump…is an moral and intelligence midget.”  But he is POTUS and is who I have to deal with for a while)

A few old hands at the CFTC have quickly departed, and Trump is naming “markets” guys like J. Christopher Giancarlo in their place.  And the 23+ year leader of the NFA, Dan Roth who presided over a number of massive scandals costing clients and traders billions of dollars, left last year.  Maybe that entity will get better organized and start acting as the ” industrywide, self-regulatory organization for the U.S. derivatives industry.”

So look for the beneficiaries to be the hedge funds who play in the futures and derivatives markets, and maybe (just maybe) look for the rise of the US retail trading industry to grow by leaps and bounds in the next few years.




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