Add the Blockchain to My Cross-Margined Life and This Could Really Work

A while ago I put up a short post about the idea of cross-marginning my financial life.

I do not like tracking so many different aspect of my financial life; 401(k), mortgage, checking accounts, savings accounts, 529 plans, monthly bills, K-1’s, W-2’s, PayPal, Coinbase, on and on and on.  So the idea that you could have an available “balance sheet & income statement” of your financial life that you can choose to make available when you wish and to whom you wish would ease the pain of tracking your financial self.

There are some services out there that do some of the work like Intuit’s Mint platform.  Mint helps track your personal wealth, but it is self-reported and not considered valid information by any outside entity.

But what if there were a blockchain application that could track ALL aspects of your financial self?  For starters, it would still connect to current-day “accounts” as I listed above.  But eventually this blockchain-confirmed “personal balance sheet and income statement” would become those accounts.  No need for a Fidelity IRA & your 401(k) from that last job (and the associated paperwork and fees).  Your retirement balances would just be a part of your Retirement Assets under the blockchain.  Monthly invoices from the internet company, Amazon Prime, and the kid’s after school activities?  Record the invoices then auto pay from my blockchain account.  If I make my personal balance sheet (validated via blockchain technology) available to those vendors, they are likely to give me credit to pay at the end of each month.  In some cases people will not have a strong enough balance sheet to be extended credit by vendors.

The obstacles here are clear and massive.  The current global economy is strongly tied to the current global financial services industry.  None of those entities want to be disrupted.  But will any of them take on the challenge of making this a possibility?  Hard to say.  I’ll keep refining this idea and keep updating when I do.


“I Am” – By Alex Leahy

I am amazing but unknown

I wonder if I can make the world worthier, I hear the irritating scream of my sisters, I see myself doing a barspin, I want to work harder

I am amazing but unknown

I pretend I am the BOSS, I feel I’m not quite there yet, I touch the top of the world, I worry about my future, I cry way too much

I am amazing but unknown

I understand all people are unalike, I say that EVERYONE is incredible, I dream that everyone could be treated equal, I try to make a difference, I hope my voice is heard

I am amazing but unknown.

Gig Economy With Corporate Benefits?

I have been thinking about this for a while now.  As more people work in the gig economy, there are more people who are searching the corners of the internet for healthcare services, retirement accounts, office space, small office services, accounting, etc.

Not only are a lot of these services somewhat complex to analyze and decide on, they seem to change all the time.  “Gig employees” are spending too much time on these challenges.

There are a few Web 2.0 style benefits organizers like Namely, and Zenefits who are taking on the ADP’s and Paychex of the world…..but they are still focused on companies.

Who is out there solving the problem of managing these issues for gig economy workers?  What company can find a way to give gig-economy workers a simplified means to run their personal “company”?



The NBA Finals were on last night (Congrats to Golden State).  In a game of consequence, with incredibly skilled and agile athletes competing for their sport’s highest honor, I just could not stand to watch all the incorrect calls by the referees.  Neither could the announcers.  After just a few minutes, I became disinterested and started doing some household chores.  But I left the TV on and could hear the announcers reviewing and critiquing each subsequent call by the refs.

When the TV announcers are spending that much time critiquing the calls and discussing what an influence on the outcome the referee’s have become, it is time for the NBA to fix the problem.